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Adinkra Tours

The arts of our people is reflected in the Adinkra symbol. Behaviors, attitudes, habits, virtues, culture and beliefs are the values preserved in our everyday lives. Our ideas about religion and the rites of passage also reflect some of our values. On this tour we will embrace some unique Ghanaian traditions and culture as we travel through major cities; Accra, Elmina and Kumasi


Emancipation 2019

The slave trade resulted in the trans-shipment of millions of Africans as slaves from the continent to the Caribbean and Southern American states.  On this tour we trace our route from the “Salaga Slave Market” through the “last bath” to the “door of no return” where we will make a grand re entry to celebrate our emancipation.


Cultural Heritage Tour

Our cultural heritage plays an important role in the life of every Ghanaian.  Our identity is attached to our religion, traditions and beliefs. On this tour we explore some of these legacies inherited from past generations, maintained in the present and preserved for the benefit of future generations as we travel to Accra, Elmina, Cape Coast and Kumasi

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Singapore Tour

On this tour we explore the island city-state off southern Malaysia.  The city is flanked by grand buildings such as City Hall, with its 18 Corinthian columns. We will visit interesting places like the Marina Bay, Sentosa and China Town just to name a few.


Dubai Honeymoon Combo Tour

Experience a distinctive culture with a blend between the old traditions and modern living in this amazing city. Get to explore the souks in Diera, the historic neighborhood of Al Fahidi, The artistic hub of Al Qouz, the serene beaches along the Jumeirah and the luxury of shopping, ultramodern architecture.